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Handcrafted preparations for your well-being​.

Perfume diffusers

Drawer and wardrobe perfumes made in gypsum

large 4 EURO

medium 3 EURO

small 2 EURO

  • Handcrafted in gypsum powder, these reusable perfume diffusers in a variety of designs are offered in the fragrance of your choice. Practical to hang in closets or even in the car and can be re-scented indefinitely.
  • Gypsum powder, water, essential oils.
  • Weight of format
    25, 16, 6 gr
  • Fragrances available
    sweet orange, bergamot, chamomile, gardenia, jasmine, egyptian geranium, lavender, mint, mimosa, patchouli, black pepper, grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, vanilla, vetiver, violet, ylang ylang

Aromatic Guide

Sensuality: ylang ylang-Egyptian geranium-sweet orange | Strength: vetiver-ginger-black pepper | Harmony: rose-vanilla | Serenity: lavender-chamomile-vanilla | Joy: baked goodsjasmine-violet | Energy: orange-grapefruit - bergamot-petit grain | Purification: minteucalyptus.

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Handcrafted preparations for your well-being
I select the best raw materials that nature has to offer and combine them into a genuine product, made by hand .
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